Review: Prisna: The Story of a Young Modern Siamese Girl and Her Friends

Prisna: The Story of a Young Modern Siamese Girl and Her Friends
Prisna: The Story of a Young Modern Siamese Girl and Her Friends by V Na Pramuanmark
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was my first time reading a thai book. I had previously watched the 2000 version of the drama and was quite eager to read the book, and as expected the book was more descriptive, and expansiveness and shed light on the thoughts of many of the characters and made their action more explainable. It was also delightful to delve into another culture and see how the other side lives. They are quite respectful of their elders and royalty with all that kneeling and crawling but still in all a delightful book. It was an easy read maybe due to the fact that the author herself was a young girl at the time of writing this book.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well, it’s 2018 and in a few days, I will be older. T_T Praying for wisdom.

I decided on a few things this year. For one I decided to spend actually cleaning my house. T_T I got the flu and it was so bad I couldn’t stand up but since the body pains eased up today. I cleaned like my life depended on it, which I feel it does, my plan for this year no resolutions –  I think they are pit holes and I plan too much – so instead of my usual resolutions this year is to take at least one step forward every day.

Last year’s, reading challenge was a flop, so this year I am going to pay a bit more attention and stop re-reading books that I have read over and over. And try to read new books, I get so scared of reading new books I have no idea why. Hopeful this year is going to be better and I actually stick to a reading challenge.

On another topic, totally random at that, how to have a one-man fun party. This seems to be my speciality, I seem to excel at making a huge party atmosphere when I am alone compared to when I am with other people. I wonder why?

Anyways, let’s hope for a truly blessed new year ahead. And I am wishing you all a truly blessed new year.

Reading!! How I Love You


Hi I am Jennifer aka

I am quite shy – maybe a better word would be private, although my friends tend to say that the shyness last till I know someone well and then it ends. Funny enough when I meet people for the first time if tit something quite important I tend to do the introductions 1st. However, our next meeting I tend to withdraw back to my cocoon. It takes me about 5 years to warm up to my classmates and considering I moved around a lot and changed schools a lot, that means I was rarely close to any of my classmates or maybe it was just my defense mechanism for moving around a lot.

Lol, probably the weirdest introduction ever considering.

I think my blog is at least 2years old now and has only one post – super bad record – probably a U grade

I was never a fan of reading books of any kind including my school books.
b1ewxjg4kisBut that all changed when I turned 11, and it was all due to a wonderful friend. I was in boarding school at the time and I had lots of friends both seniors and juniors who always came back with novels when they returned from holidays and prior to that you can say I had delivered many books to various people – all on the waiting list to read the books, of course – but I had never once felt the need to read any one of them – looking back I regretted it but I missed the opportunity to read several wonderful novels.


harry-potter-series Anyway, back to the story at hand, after this particular return Sally and I were placed in the same class for the 1st time since our Grade 7, we were now in Grade 9. Similarly, the way the hostels were arranged changed a week into the new school year which was quite marvelous to us Year 9ers. Previously hostels were sorted by a school house system, it was blue and red house in one hostel, with green and yellow in another hostel, furthermore each house had their own wing which included courtyard, toilets and laundry rooms and in the centre was the dining rooms in the middle, bathrooms at the end, common room in the front flanked on both side by our house mistress’s rooms. but as a result of bullying the school authority decided that it should be by class with Grade 7 – 9 girls in one hostel and grade 10 – 12 girls in another hostel.

As the new seniors in our hostel we got the best rooms but of course with me being in the blue house and Sally in the Green house we weren’t roommates. Blue and red house ended up sharing a wing with green and yellow sharing another wing. Well this greatly enhanced our friendship as I could easily visit her and she could visit me.enid-b

Two weeks into our new move and friend ship I visited her and she was reading a book and was so into it she wouldn’t budge to talk or play. As a result of my constant disturb she gave me a book, it was an Enid Blyton book – Famous Five Series. I started reading it and soon it became apparent that I wasn’t going to do anything until I finished that book and thus began my journey for books.

I first finished her stash of books, started on my school’s library classics, then the harry potter books being passed around in school.

From then onwards I just read more and more from Jane Austen to Sidney Sheldon to Barbara Taylor Bradford to Jackie Collins to Susan Elizabeth Philips to Jeffery Archer. Such an eclectic list of authors

If you made it this far, I have to say thanks for listening to my rambles.